R Legacy Construction 

R Legacy Construction was built from a dream, a dream to leave a legacy everyone can be part of.

We do not come from a generation of contractors and for this reason we believe any individual has the opportunity to shape her/his own future as they desire. 

 At the same time, we believe education is the key to becoming the best version of one’s goal- therefore everyone on our team has been put through schooling and licensing programs along with being provided opportunities for hands on training and support.

This is the belief system of our CEO who started her career as an Engineer. 

We look forward to being allowed the opportunity to become part of your legacy.


H. Rocha 

-General Contractor 
-B.S. Mechanical Engineer 
-B.D. for NAWIC Chapter #42



Contact us Directly, No Middle(wo)man! 





OFFICE LINE 1: 562-417-8246

OFFICE LINE 2: 562-417-1502


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